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Mudumalai Resort


Among the best resorts that you can find in Mudumalai forest are,

  • Jungle Retreat Mudumalai
  • Blue Valley Jungle Resorts
  • Monarch Safari Lodge
  • Forest Hills Farm and Guesthouse
Each of these resorts can be your base for watching Mudumalai wildlife in the Mudumalai forest.In the Jungle Retreat, you will be able to come in close proximity with Mudumalai wildlife. It is situated in the foothills of the Nilgiri hills and is one of the most splendid wildlife resorts found in the Mudumalai forest.
The retreat was built by the Mathias family, who has had a tea plantation in the area for many years. The promise of an unforgettable and unique stay can be found on the resort and it should be on your itinerary during your tour of the Mudumalai forest.

Stay At Mudumalai Forest

  • The Blue Valley Jungle Resorts in Mudumalai forest is also located on the foothills of the Nilgiri hills and is close to the popular Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. If Mudumalai wildlife is one of your goals for going to the place, then this resort is perfect.
  • It is one of the best resorts on the Mudumalai forest and covers an area of thirty two acres. It stands decently among the lush greenery of the Blue Hills, which is another name for the Nilgiri.
  • Most of the resorts found on the Mudumalai forest have fine dining and accommodations so you will never want for anything else during your stay in Mudumalai forest.

Mudumalai Forest Cottages

  • Mudumalai forest cottages are all eco friendly and come with modern amenities. So even as you are enjoying Mudumalai wildlife, you will be able to enjoy modern comforts as well.
  • Mudumalai forest accommodations include attached rooms, modern bathrooms, room service, and running water. Aside from Mudumalai wildlife, it is also possible to enjoy other amenities in the Mudumalai forest.
  • These include satellite TV and telephone, which allows you to stay connected with the world even as you stay in Mudumalai forest.

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